How to train my puppy not to bite

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to train my puppy not to bite

At OneHowto we have already shown you general rules on how to train your puppy but what do you do when your dog or puppy bites you? We can't allow our pet to turn into an aggressive dog which starts when they get into a habit of biting our hands with their sharp teeth. This is why it is so important to train them from they are puppies. At OneHowto we point you in the right direction with these tips on how to train my dog not to bite.

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Steps to follow:

It's normal for your puppy to want to chew everything because in addition to helping your dog cope with their sore gums from teething, is part of their normal growth process. You just need to train them to stop it to prevent problems later when they are older.


Recognise the difference between when your dog bites you playfully or because their gums hurt from a real bite because they are angry. If they bite you hard, you must immediately make sure they understand that you disapprove.

How to train my puppy not to bite - Step 2

If they continue to bite your hand it is because they have misunderstood your reaction and think that it wasn't a bad thing and you approve.


The moment your dog bites you, say "no" firmly and bluntly. After this, ignore them.


If they keep biting, make a sharp cry almost imitating the howl of a hurt dog, so they will stop biting because they associate it with this screech of pain. If they stop biting you, you should congratulate them and keep playing together while avoiding giving them the opportunity to bite you.


When you see that your dog has calmed down, approach them and pet them while talking gently and calmly. Just don't put your hand near their mouth to avoid them from biting again. If they bite you again, again tell them no bluntly and ignore them, and this time, stay away from them too.

How to train my puppy not to bite - Step 6

Avoid playing with aggressive games with your dog that involve teasing or biting you, because then they will associate playing with biting.


If they keep up this biting behaviour, keep a spray bottle with water handy, just for a squirt effect, never anything stronger. This will let you spray your puppy when they bite you from a safe distance to scare them a little. In this way they will associate this scare with biting, slowly allowing them to learn to avoid the water punishment associated with biting.

How to train my puppy not to bite - Step 8

When your dog behaves properly, praise your dog for their good behaviour with affection and dog treats. But never hit them.


Give them toys made out of rubber so they can bite it. You should train them to bite their toys and not people. When they move their attention towards your hand or something else other than their toys tell them "no" firmly and praise them when they return to their toys.

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How to train my puppy not to bite
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How to train my puppy not to bite

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