How to Train a Husky

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Train a Husky

If you are looking to have a friendly, relaxed and extremely intelligent dog, a husky is definitely an option for you. Huskies are a breed originating from Siberian wolves, so are used to being in packs but are also independent. They are notoriously disobedient because it's difficult for them to follow orders and, therefore, you should demonstrate leadership as well as discipline so that they become your ideal companion. Want to know more? Here at OneHowTo we'll provide a set of rules that every owner should follow if they would like to know how to train a husky so that they become the perfect dog.

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Steps to follow:

Start training them from an early age. Siberian huskies should be trained from their first few months so that they learn to follow orders. The recommended age to start is from 3-4 months, otherwise they'll start to learn behavior of their own accord, which owners will find difficult to tolerate.


Be firm when giving orders. From a young age, huskies should know who the boss is, so your orders must be clear and precise. Remember that they don't understand human language but they can pick up on gestures and short words such as "sit" "come" and "here".

How to Train a Husky - Step 2

Use a lead. Taking your dog out to do its business in the morning and night is not enough; huskies should also learn commands such as going to heel at its owner's side. As they are true explorers, using a lead will help you to keep them under control for when they feel like wandering off in search of an adventure.


Rewarding your dog is important, especially during the first training sessions. If your husky obeys a command like "come", you should give it a food treat and congratulate it on its good work.


Altering commands is pointless. After having given a command, the dog should obey. As they are naturally stubborn, you as an owner should be in control and make the dog understand that your orders are meant to be done "now". Once the dog obeys, remember to reward it for its good behavior.

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Praise is important. Praising your dog for good behavior is just as important as rewarding it with treats. Enthusiastically praising your dog plus rewarding it with a dog food treat will be enough to show your dog it has done the correct thing. You should not reward half-baked obedience. Your dog can't be rewarded if it has not followed through with what you have asked correctly or on time.


Adequate punishment. If your husky has committed a serious offense, you can punish their behavior in two ways: gently tugging at their neck (they will understand that something was wrong) or holding them on the floor so they are facing upwards, which will show them that you're the leader. However, you should take care not to be too rough with your dog. Some huskies tend to escape when their masters exert force instead of confronting them like other breeds would. Remember that they are animals and you should, above all else, exercise infinite patience.


As they are pack dogs, it's important that it feels like a companion so you must invest a lot of time in them. Be sure to spend time with your dog, participating in activities together such as playing, running, exercises, long walks outside, as well as activities where they get to socialize with other dogs. Once accustomed to the street, you can you can take your dog off the lead and trust their independence.

How to Train a Husky - Step 8

Perseverance and, above all, patience. Huskies are very independent and they are hunters. Therefore, a domestic life tends only to lead to success if the owner dedicates time and shows their dog much patience and love.

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How to Train a Husky
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How to Train a Husky

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