How to tell if your cat is sick

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to tell if your cat is sick

If there's anything that worries us when having a pet, is noticing apathy or a lack of activity, something that quickly sends us an alarm signal. Even if cats are less active than dogs, we can tell when they're not feeling well if we take a close look to their attitude. If you're a feline lover and you're worried about its health, will give you clues to find out how to tell if your cat is sick.

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Steps to follow:

When we have pets it's not only important to feed them and take care of their hygiene, it's also useful to observe them on a daily basis, this way it's much easier to determine if your cat is feeling healthy or it's sick. It's not about being on top of your cat all the time, but just pay attention to its conduct and behaviour.


If you realize your cat hasn't eaten as much as usual for the last couple of days and shows signs of apathy towards food, it's very possible your pet is ill. On occasions, a stomach ache, fever or any other condition can make a cat not want to eat how it usually does.


If you suspect your cat has any kind of stomach pains it's important to check out its sandbox. Protecting your hands with gloves, verify if the animal has diarrhea or less consistent faeces than usual. If so, you must go to a vet to make sure your cat is in good health.


If your cat vomits once it may simple mean that something hasn't been digested properly, remember they're curious cats that are not afraid of exploring. But if this is repeated take it immediately to the vet to rule out indigestion or poisoning.


Excessive consumption of water is also a signal your cat could be sick. Moreover, if you notice its nose is more humid than usual it's also a sign that indicates something's wrong.


When the animal is sleepier than usual, he's apathetic and he loses balance when walking it's possible it's ill, that's why it's recommended to give it medical attention.


If you suspect something's wrong with your cat, it's important to keep close to the sandbox, no just to see what its depositions are like, but to see if your feline is urinating normally or has some kind of difficulty, this last one is a clear sign that it can have a health issue.


Watery or strange-looking eyes, irritability and aggressiveness or any clear physical characteristic such as inflammation in a part of the body or opaque fur, are also signs that your cat can be ill.


If you discover any of these symptoms, don't doubt in asking your vet immediately or take him directly to a specialized animal care center, so professionals can attend it and help it get better as soon as possible.

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How to tell if your cat is sick
How to tell if your cat is sick

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