How to Teach My Cat to Use the Scratching Post

How to Teach My Cat to Use the Scratching Post

Do you have a cat and you're fed up with it scratching the furniture? First, you should be aware that you live with a cat and it's in their DNA to sharpen their nails. The solution to all your woes is to get your cat scratching the right thing, so we at show you how to teach your cat to use the scratching post. From now on your furniture will look perfect and your kitten will have fantastic claws.

Steps to follow:

For many cat lovers their pet's claws are a real torment. Sofas, furniture, chairs, carpets... everything ends in tatters, with scratch marks from our feline friends. However, with a few tricks you can end the suffering of your furniture and give joy to your animal companion.


Apart from cats' need to sharpen their nails, cats need to scratch for other reasons, including to be able to grab on to a solid place and stretch their muscles and mark territory and objects with their own scent. Obviously, they are ancestral and innate habits in the most primitive files of the identity of our cat and we need to channel this urge on an appropriate object: the scratching post.


Many cats use the scratching post naturally and instinctively, without need for further attention. As soon as they discover it they seem to know perfectly what it is and sharpen their nails on it. For others, however, it takes a little bit of effort and time, and you have to teach them how to use it.


Very important: if the scratching post has a ball or a hanging object it will be easier to capture the attention of your pet because they will come to play, as you know that cats love to play. If not, play with the object yourself, so that the animal is familiar with the gadget.


As the cat touches the scratching post for the first time, it is most likely that they will use it with no problems. Just get your cat close to the scratching post and bring their paws towards it. When it gets hooked, things will change and the pet will feel very comforted with their nail care.


If your friend has a predilection for some furniture in particular place the scratching post near that space, so that it uses it instead and leaves your furniture in peace. If you see that the cat refuses to use it, try spread the scratching post with catnip as the smell will make the animal more inclined to use it.


Finally, get the facts on what type of scratching post is best for your kitty. Some older cats need specific scratching posts. Maybe buying the right one will make everything much easier.

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  • If your cat ignores the scratching post and continues using furniture, get a scratching post with balls or some other things that grab the attention of the cat. This way your pet will see the post as a game and he or she will use it more easily.