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How to stop your dog chewing up your things

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to stop your dog chewing up your things

One common problem faced by most dog owners is that these animals can become very destructive of shoes, furniture, toys, cables, plants, everything in its path can be chewed up, which becomes a situation that's very difficult to control. There are many reasons why an animal does this, so at we'll clarify the situation and give you some tips about how to stop your dog from chewing up your things.

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Steps to follow:


The dog may chew up your stuff for various reasons: It may feel anxious because it spends too much time alone, it's bored by inactivity or loneliness, has too much surplus energy and is very hyperactive or more specific cases due to gum pain and discomfort. Each case requires a different solution.


During the first 6 months of life, it's very normal for your dog to chew things, not because it's a puppy but just like human babies they have sore gums. In this case you should buy special toys to help alleviate their pain that are suited to their particular age and size. They tend to like those that make noise.

How to stop your dog chewing up your things - Step 2

During this stage, it's very important that the toys provide the dog with relief and should be used to amuse itself. Never give them an old shoe or other objects of yours because the dog can't differentiate between old and new objects and always thinks that your things are to chew and play with.


As with any training process it's important to monitor the animal and if you see it chewing on a wire instead of its toy, simply tell it a firm "No." Take it away from the dog and give it the toy and with time and perseverance, chewing will be associated with the toy and nothing more.


If the puppy spends time alone in the house, it's likely and normal for it to explore and chew on things. Impatience, physical violence or exasperation won't solve anything. The best thing to do is before leaving it alone during the day, take it on a good walk where it can run a lot and burn excess energy to reduce anxiety and return home tired.

How to stop your dog chewing up your things - Step 5

If a dog that's a year or older has suddenly begun to chew things it's quite possible that the animal isn't exercising enough and therefore feels bored. Pets need exercise, especially large dogs and five minutes isn't enough. You should take them on a daily walk of at least 30 minutes.


During this time you should play together, run, find and catch objects. If you like running and exercising outdoors, take your dog with you and you'll kill two birds with one stone while exercising together. Also, don't forget that the animal must have its toys when it spends time alone at home.


If, despite the long walks, burning energy, the attention and lots of toys, your pet continues to chew up your things (especially if its an adult) you should it take to the vet. Maybe your dog is going through a phase of nervousness and anxiety and remember that pets are more like us than we think.


It's important to be patient, consistent in the training but also understand that pets need and deserve exercise and enjoy the outdoors for their health and well-being. Therefore it's important to give them time for it, so that your possessions and home aren't the target of their boredom and pent-up energy.

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  • Pets' habits can be changed but it takes time, patience and dedication from you
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How to stop your dog chewing up your things