How to Stop my Dog Eating Things Off the Streets

How to Stop my Dog Eating Things Off the Streets

One of the most common problems faced by dog owners is when their pets try to eat off the street. The truth is that it is a dangerous behaviour that can risk the animals health because the street is full of rubbish and so it may even be at risk of poisoning. For your pet's sake we recommend you be very careful and pay attention to this kind of behaviour. If you don't know how to make your dog stop eating everything it finds, in OneHowTo we explain how to stop your dog eating things off the streets.

Steps to follow:

It is very common when walking a dog that it starts to sniff around and, in some cases, eats up whatever comes into reach. This is a conduct that should be stopped as soon as possible because the street is full of risks.

To get your dog to stop behaving like this you must be patient and the whole family must be constant to ensure good teamwork. With collaboration, positive reinforcement and firmness you can ensure your dog stops eating things off the street.


One of the tricks so your dog does not eat off the street is to teach it to only eat out of its food bowl. If your pet is only allowed to eat food what is in its bowl it will learn that this is the place to go to to obtain its food ration.

Each time it eats you should congratulate it, give it affection and leave clear that it has done well. The reward or positive reinforcement is key to have your dog always eat from its bowl. Do this whenever it has finished its portion.

Regarding positive reinforcement, we want to emphasize that you should never use punishment as an educational tool. If it eats off the street say a firm and unequivocal 'no', but do not reject it or use any form of physical punishment. Throughout this training process your patience is essential, remember that everything can be achieved with affection.


To get your dog to stop eating off the street it is highly recommended that you divide their food rations to at least two a day. This will make your pet will feel satiated all day, will reduce its anxiety and will prevent it from going for a walk when hungry.

Maybe your dog obeys you at home without any problems but becomes more disobedient when you go out for a walk. In principle this is normal because there are many stimuli that can distract it but you must try to be consistent and get their attention.

One of the most effective training method when out of the house is the clicker system. It is a plastic box with a button that when pressed makes a click sound after which you give the dog some food. But you should only use it when your pet behaves. Make a click sound whenever your dog obeys your orders. It is a behaviour reinforcer that your dog will perceive as something positive and the source of a treat.


To get your dog to stop eating off the street you must be patient, consistent and firm. Remember never to let it eat outside of its food bowl, no matter how old your dog is you can put these techniques into practice. Even if it is an adult the dog can still learn certain behaviours, do not give up as your pet's health is as stake. If you do not bad things could happen.

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