How To Stop A Dog Attacking A Cat

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Stop A Dog Attacking A Cat

If you have a dog which tends to be aggressive or become agitated by the presence of cats, you should do everything possible to change this behavior. More than anything it will avoid unnecessary stress, possible running away of the dog when you go out for a walk and, most importantly, it will prevent accidents. The relationship between dogs and cats does not need to be a problem, so here at we show you how to stop a dog from attacking a cat.

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Steps to follow:

The best way to prevent dogs from attacking cats is undoubtedly an early education. If since being a puppy, it needs to become used to the presence of cats in a gradual and supervised way, as an adult it will never see a cat as a threat and you will not see your dog subjected to stress when seeing a cat. You can read more on this in our article How to have a dog and a cat living together.

How To Stop A Dog Attacking A Cat - Step 1

If your dog reacts aggressively with cats you should take steps to ensure the dog sees cats in a more friendly manner. You should try a presentation between your dog and a cat that you know well and which you know is accustomed to dogs. It would also be good if the cat belongs to a friend so that your dog can interact with it regularly and become accustomed to it. Devote time and attention to make a good presentation between them. For this presentation to go well, make sure your dog has eaten, has played and has gone for a walk. If you do so it is more likely that it will be quiet, it may even be a good moment to give it a reward for good behavior. To begin with a presentation it is important that your dog is on a leash so it can not escape or do anything harmful, meanwhile the cat will prowl around with curiosity and gain confidence.

How To Stop A Dog Attacking A Cat - Step 2

When the time arrives in which the cat and dog come relatively close, watch your dog and see if it shows signs of becoming angry. If you notice it becomes aggressive, postpone the presentation for another day. A bad reaction may condition a future relationship. Repeat these small contacts for several days, always avoiding friction and by creating a friendly atmosphere which is not stressful to either of them.


When your dog is an adult the process of adaptation to cats is harder. Creating bonds of friendship between a puppy and a cat is much more simple and natural. But with a respectful and cautious presentation and with good rewards, you will see how slowly and patiently your dog will assimilate the presence of cats and will not attack them any more.

How To Stop A Dog Attacking A Cat - Step 4

If your dog is attacking a cat at this very moment, you should physically separate them as soon as possible and firmly tell your dog off so it understands it has done something wrong.

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How do I get a staffy to not eat my cat after she attacked my cat over my cat protecting her kittens?
So the staffy forced herself into the room my cat was protecting her litter I haven't been able to find great reliable resources or advice. all kittens have been re-homed but I still fear the outcomes of my cat becoming a chew toy. I need to be with my cat as she helps my anxiety.
How To Stop A Dog Attacking A Cat
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How To Stop A Dog Attacking A Cat

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