How to Play with Your Dog

By Max. D Gray. Updated: May 31, 2018
How to Play with Your Dog

If you have a dog, one of the most important things you should do regarding its care is to provide plenty of playtime. Dogs love to play, therefore, from when they are a puppy, you should spend time playing with them and pampering them. Also, don't forget that adult dogs also want to spend time playing with you. Playing is a good chance for your dog to socialise, for you to teach it basic principles of obedience, and strengthen the bond you have. explains how to play with your dog.

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Steps to follow:

To play with your dog, you should follow some basic rules to make the activity productive and beneficial. To begin with, remember that if you start playing with a puppy, they are much more fragile than they appear, so be careful. Also, avoid aggressive or competitive games as this type of recreational activity can teach your dog to behave violently with other dogs or people.

Similarly, it is not advisable to throw sticks or stones either because both are dangerous objects for your dog and could make it break a tooth, or the object could split in the mouth. A final guideline is that your pet should learn to listen to you and hear you. If your dog does not listen, if they bite or nip you, simply stop playing and ignore your dog.

How to Play with Your Dog - Step 1

To play with your dog you must use special toys as many are designed for this type of activity. They are elastic, strong and flexible, so that they never break or run the risk of being swallowed. For more information, see our OneHowTo article on how to choose dog toys.

Apart from choosing the appropriate toy for your pet, you can also play in a safe and entertaining way. One of the funny games is "fetch": it is a great way for your dog to learn to cooperate and promote self-control. The best dog trainers use "fetch and give" as it creates good results.

How to Play with Your Dog - Step 2

Another suitable game to play with your dog is the classic hide and seek. While one person holds your pet, another hides. When the latter has found a hiding spot, they should start calling the dog so that it looks for them. Whilst its being called, you should follow your dog around the house until it finds the other person.

When it does so, give your dog a yummy treat and plenty of cuddles. With time, your furry friend will be able to recognize each member's name and search for them around the house. They will absolutely love following the trail.

A variant is hide and seek objects. Take one of your pet's toys or treats and hide it for your dog to seek it out. If you do this frequently, they will learn many words and will follow many trails.

How to Play with Your Dog - Step 3

Another way of playing with your dog is with a game known as "Beat the Clock". Through this activity, your pet will learn to respond in a very quick way to orders while it is very excited. You should keep your dog on a lead, play with it so it becomes active and then suddenly give it an order that it recognizes. You should aim to keep your pet quiet and calm whilst you give it orders and, if needed, guide your pet until it manages to follow the order.

Always remember to praise your four-legged companion, the you can make the game begin again. If you do it often, your dog will learn and obey instantly.

How to Play with Your Dog - Step 4

Any object can be a source of fun, as long as it is used with love and care. For example, a cardboard box can stimulate their mental and psychological abilities. The dog will jump inside, play with other toys in there, and use it as a hideout. On OneHowTo we show you some homemade dog toys you can easily and cheaply make at home.

Do not forget that playing is essential to stimulate your dog´s mental activity and will make your dog feel happy at your side.

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How to Play with Your Dog
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How to Play with Your Dog

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