How To Make My Cat Drink More Water 

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Make My Cat Drink More Water 

Cats do not really like water whether for bathing or drinking, so it is common for them to have kidney problems. However, the fact is that the water we put in its container is not the only source of hydration because cat food also contains liquid.

Anyway, if you see that your pet has stopped drink, you must try to correct it and, in extreme cases, go to the vet to rule out disease. Here at, we give answers to the question of how to make my cat drink more water.

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Steps to follow:

If the problem is that the cat is used to being given a drink from a cup, a good choice to make it drink for itself is offer it a glass filled with water and when it gets close to drinking it, empty it into the container we want it to drink the liquid from.


Sometimes the cat will not drink the liquid from his bowl because it gives off an odor. So if the cat does not drink, we should wash the container more often and dry it well to remove all traces of detergent, which could also put the cat off from drinking more water.

How To Make My Cat Drink More Water  - Step 2

We can also make our cat drink more water through food. Thus, instead of dry feed, we can supply wet canned food such as meat or fish pate. In pet shops or even supermarkets in general, we can find a growing variety of these products.

How To Make My Cat Drink More Water  - Step 3

If your cat is used to their dry feed and does not adapt well to the new wet food, what we can do is wet their regular food with some water, starting with a small amount and adding increasingly, so that it gradually gets used to it.


There are many cats that are used to drinking from running water, you may notice your cat will only drink when you switch on the tap. If this is the case, there are lots of running water fountains especially created for cats on the market. You'll see how your cat gets used to drinking plenty of water again.

How To Make My Cat Drink More Water  - Step 5

If the cat does not adapt to drinking more water, we can also choose to offer some milk so that it at least takes in some liquids and we are not worried by the fact that it may become dehydrated.

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  • If the cat suddenly stops drinking, you should go to your vet in case it is suffering from a disease.

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How To Make My Cat Drink More Water 
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How To Make My Cat Drink More Water 

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