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How to make my cat accept a new kitten

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to make my cat accept a new kitten

Cats are very jealous animals and see their love as a property that has to be of service, so the arrival of another feline in the home comes as a challenge to which we must act intelligently. On we offer the answer to the question of how to make my cat accept a new kitten.

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Steps to follow:


Upon arriving home, we have to introduce the two cats and smell is a sense that will serve as a channel. So that it's not such a big shock for our pet to see us with another kitten in our arms, it is preferable to use a friend or other family member who doesn't look after the the cat as much as we do. Then, without holding down the new pet and protecting it from a possible blow, approach your cat so they can smell.

Note that it will be easier for two cats to get along if the new cat is of the opposite gender, and if your current cat has not spent much of its life as the only cat.


To make this time less traumatic and in order that our pet associates the new tenant with a positive element, you must give your pet a new toy or buy their favourite food. In his unconscious, it will always connect the new animal and a pleasant feeling.


During the first days, both sleeping places, food areas, and litter boxes should be in separate sites. The goal is that our pet will not suddenly see their privacy invaded by the newcomer, since thus it would take longer to accept it.


In parallel, during these first days play a lot with your two pets and organize games in which both are involved. Of course, we must be very careful to avoid that at some point our cat attacks the new kitten, especially if it is a very small, as the damage could be irreparable. On their first play encounter they can be separated by a mesh door so they can't reach eachother but still notice their presence.


Another trick to get both cats used to eachother is to stroke them both with the same piece of cloth and place it near their feeding areas (one cloth for each bowl, as their feeding spaces should be separate). This will allow them to relate the other cat's smell to a positive input like food is.


In any case, we must try to keep the life, customs and habits of our cat from changing because of the arrival of the new pet, because then that would see this as a factor of instability.


After following these steps, about a week after the arrival of a new pet, we'll be able to join them and share food and sleeping areas.

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  • Not all cats can get along well, it may take weeks and even months to get them to get along, even though it is not sure they will eventually get along.
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don.t wanna say
its so helpfull but i have a 1month kitten years old and a 7-9 month old cat so dose it help and they are tow boys annd 2 girls
Zeinab Mobarak
I have an 11 year male cat and a 7 year old dog. My daughter rescued a 6 month kitten from the shelter. She's currently in my daughter's room, but I want to integrate her to the rest of my pets and house. My older cat stares at her and once actually attacked her tumbling together in a cat fight initiated by the older cat. I sprayed water on them and they separated, but haven't put them in the same room again. What can I do? The dog is fine with both of them.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Zeinab,

While it can be tempting to scold or spray our cats to remedy behavioral problems, it is more likely to exacerbate the situation by making them confused and/or angry. Positive reinforcement should be used instead.

When introducing a new cat, there is a process which should be undertaken, a process ideally begun before the cat arrives in the home. Even if this is not possible, you may find that you can use the techniques to help you. Here are some articles from our sister site which may be of use:

Good luck!
How to make my cat accept a new kitten