How to Make Homemade Toys for Cats

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Make Homemade Toys for Cats

You don't need to spend money if you want the best toys for your cat. Toys are very important for your feline pet, as playing is a perfect way for it to stay active, healthy and fit. It is also fun to establish a playing routine with your pet as this will strengthen your bond. But you don't need to spend money in toys, you can easily make them at home. With the tips that we give you next you can create nice toys without cost. Just spend a moment of your time to make them, your cat will surely like them! Usually cats play with anything they find around, so you don't need to spend money in fancy toys that might end up unused. In this OneHowTo article we tell you how to make homemade toys for cats.

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Balls of wool

Cats love to play with balls and even better if they are made of wool. Do you have at home some cloth or wool that you do not use? Grab some scraps of fabric and make a ball the size of a tennis ball. The perfect size is one that your cat will feel comfortable with. Also, try to keep it tight so your cat does not get caught in it and hurt itself.

Once you have it all well rolled let your pet play. If you do not have any scrap fabrics you can buy a skein of wool at a low price. Unroll the wool and roll it again to get a ball in the size you want. Maybe your cat shreds it up while playing, but that is part of the fun.

Toilet rolls

Do you think empty toilet rolls should be binned? Well read on because you will find a great use for them as a toy for your cat. Grab some scissors, a roll of toilet paper and create unlimited fun for your feline. We will turn this cylindrical cardboard into an ideal accessory.

Take the roll and cut out some five centimetre long tassels at each end of the tube then fold out these strips. Your cat will go crazy and enjoy catching and throwing this toy.

How to Make Homemade Toys for Cats - Toilet rolls

Puzzle box

If you know cats you know that they love boxes and if you turn one into a real challenge your cat will have hours of endless entertainment. Making this type of toy at home is very easy and cheap. You just need:

  • A rectangular cardboard box
  • A glass to mark circles
  • A Stanley knife
  • A pencil
  • A ball that your cat likes

Grab the box and draw several circles using the glass to create a mosaic. Then take the scissors or Stanley knife and cut to make holes. Once you have all the holes put the cat's favourite ball inside or other favourite toy, and you will see what fun it has. Your pet will try to catch the ball by reaching out through the holes, but it will appear and disappear through the different holes. It is a fascinating toy for your pet.

How to Make Homemade Toys for Cats - Puzzle box

Fishing rod

Another homemade toy that you can create for your cat is a with a fishing rod, a toy that also supports variants according to your pet's tastes. You can use the wool ball you made earlier, tie it to a rubber band and then to a stick. Think that it should be a very attractive object for your cat.

If you are good at sewing make a small wool mouse with some catnip inside and see how it becomes irresistible to your feline. You can also sew some striking feathers to a stick, the options are many and vary according to taste or what you have at home. As cats like to jump, hunt and catch objects in the air your cat will adore this accessory.

How to Make Homemade Toys for Cats - Fishing rod

Socks and shoelaces

Last but not least in fun, you can make all kinds of homemade toys for your cat with socks and shoelaces. With this toy your pet will be exercised and also have great fun. The procedure is very simple:

Grab a pair of old socks, cross them over and tie a knot. Then cut some strips from the fabric that has been left at the ends or even make a braid with the strips to make the toy nicer. You have ready an exceptional toy for your cat!

If you want to make the accessory longer add some laces so it can drag the toy on the floor. Your pet will be amazed. At OneHowTo we give you more tips so you know how to play with your cat.

How to Make Homemade Toys for Cats - Socks and shoelaces

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How to Make Homemade Toys for Cats
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How to Make Homemade Toys for Cats

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