How to make a puppy stop crying

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to make a puppy stop crying

The first thing we think of when we hear a puppy crying is that it is suffering, and this sound can be as puzzling and sad that we quickly want to protect and pamper it. But animals, like us, don't just cry for pain, because crying express a variety of emotions that we must learn to detect so we can know how to react. Don't know where to start?, this article explains how to make a puppy stop crying.

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Why do dogs cry?

The first things to know before we learn how to make a puppy stop crying are the reasons that normally drive a puppy to cry so that we can act appropriately.

Common causes are:

  • The puppy is lonely and feeling unprotected because it has been separated from the herd, crying occurs during early days, especially at night.
  • When the animal is suffering from separation anxiety or fear of being alone, crying is normal. It is trying to catch its owner's attention so he/she will dote over it.
  • It is also a way to express pain, discomfort, thirst or hunger.
  • Finally crying is a form of manipulation that some dogs use when they know that crying gets them love and attention.
How to make a puppy stop crying - Why do dogs cry?

Make sure that your puppy stops crying at night

Dogs are animals that grow and live in packs, so when your pet is separated from its mother and siblings it is normal to feel alone and unprotected. This results in the dog having a sense of insecurity that must be properly attended to by their owners.

To make a puppy stop crying in these cases, it is good to have your pet's bed in your sight and not too far from where you sleep, giving it a feeling of security. Put at least one good sized teddy which simulates the body of its mother or another puppy in its bed, to provide warmth and comfort. A good trick is to place a watch under the covers of its bed, the ticking of the needles simulate the heartbeat of another animal, which will calm your pet.

You must teach the dog that he is now part of your pack, so cuddle it a lot and spend at least half an hour a day playing games with it, this will help combat boredom and strengthen ties.

How to make a puppy stop crying - Make sure that your puppy stops crying at night

Stopping the puppy from crying when alone

Separation Anxiety and general anxiety are two of the reasons that can make your pet spend a whole afternoon crying while home alone. This can become a big problem for neighbours and for you, so you must act quickly.

To start it is very important walk your dog as much as possible, exercise is key to decreasing the puppy's anxiety and avoiding nervous tears. Leaving the radio on is a strategy that many use so that the animal does not feel as alone because it can hear voices, this works pretty well, but is not the only thing we can do. Furthermore it is important to have dog toys on hand for entertainment during your absence, otherwise your furniture and objects will become victims of their loneliness and boredom. Leave it a toy that it loves for this time spent alone, this will help it associate that time with something positive, decreasing the discomfort.

How to make a puppy stop crying - Stopping the puppy from crying when alone

What if the crying is sudden and constant?

If you've never noticed that your puppy cries or have managed to calm the behavior and it suddenly begins to do so, it is important to examine the pet to make sure it's okay. Check its legs and entire body, if when you touch certain areas the dog howls or complains even more, it is likely to have been hurt, and it would be a good idea to visit the vet.

Similarly if it is crying and will not eat or drink water, it is also advisable to visit a specialist.

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How to make a puppy stop crying
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How to make a puppy stop crying

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