How to Look after an American Stanford

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Look after an American Stanford

Taking a decision to have a dog in your home involves a number of commitments that can lead to some typical sacrifices, such as whether to have a family. American Stanfords are a beloved breed for many dog lovers. However, when bringing them into their new foster home, this can mean new experiences for the owners and the dog will need to be trained and looked after in a special way.

Would you like to know how to look after an American Stanford? OneHowTo will tell you what you need to know to look after them from a young age and to adapt them to their new life.

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The first days at home

When they are separated from their mothers, puppies often suffer from stress, which is an issue that is likely to cause some long nights for their owners. The first thing you must do when bringing your puppy home is to find a suitable place for them to sleep which is comfortable, nice, pleasant and above all warm, so it can simulate the heat of his recently separated family.

The important thing is that your dog sleeps in their defined place. You can give them a space near to your room or bed, without letting them get in it (in the event that they bother you). However, although advice suggests that a dog should not be allowed to sleep in their owner's bed, many people have humanised their puppies and do not mind sharing a bed with them, and in fact, they like it.

How to Look after an American Stanford - The first days at home

Bath time

Both for their needs as well as their personal hygiene, you should consider certain aspects. Initially, it will be necessary to take your dog outside every 3 hours, especially after meals and drinks. In this way, they will gradually understand that the street is the place to perform their needs.

As a dog's cleanliness is important, bath them with some regularity, especially every time your dog gets muddy, dirty or starts to smell. It is important to prepare their bath with warm water that's not too hot or too cold, while taking special care with their ears so they don't get any water in them so as to avoid causing ear infections.

How to Look after an American Stanford - Bath time

Taking care of their teeth

As they are dogs with an aggressive nature, American Stanford puppies are even more sensitive than other breeds and feel the need to bite everything. As with some new-born babies, your dog's teeth may bother them and they may begin to bite everything in the house. So, you must have patience. This article gives you some tips so you know how to train a puppy.

It is important to buy special products for dogs. Those in the form of a bone are best known in the market as they not only help with their urge to bite, but they also act as dewormers and are edible, so the puppy will finish it in a matter of days.

How to Look after an American Stanford - Taking care of their teeth


Not only does your dog's strength and growth depend on their diet but it will also prevent your dog from developing bad breath. It is advisable to buy Premium brand food which contains ingredients for your dog's development such as essential vitamins and nutrients, especially for their early days of life.

Your puppy's meals should be well maintained and repeated at various times throughout a day. Once your dog reaches adulthood, lower the number of meals to two or three per day.

How to Look after an American Stanford - Food


American Stanford's have a strong and muscular build, which is why prolonged, daily training is very important for them, not only for their breed but also their nature. Long walks and exercises will also help to soften their nature by getting them accustomed to urban life and socialisation. However, you must be careful when exercising your dog or doing sudden movements as they often suffer from hip or elbow dysplasia.

How to Look after an American Stanford - Exercise

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How to Look after an American Stanford
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How to Look after an American Stanford

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