How to look after a Labrador Retriever

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to look after a Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs, not only for its appearance, but also because they are sweet and faithful companions who are always ready to play, have fun and receive lots of love. This beautiful animal is a great companion for the whole family, especially as they are friendly with children which makes them an excellent pet.

So if you plan to make this dog the newest addition to your family, at OneHowto we give you some suggestions to know how to look after a Labrador.

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Steps to follow:

To learn how to look after a Labrador you should know that this animal copes well with high temperatures so if you live in a country with a warm climate, they won't have any problems with the heat.


Labrador Retrievers are very patient with children. Their playfulness and hunting abilities means you can spend hours playing with them without them getting tired. Their favorite games are ones like fetch or searching for a hidden toy, as exercise is an important part of their routine and growth.

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In terms of behaviour, you should know that Labradors are very intelligent, quietand docile dogs, which makes them easy to train and capable of learning many tricks but this will require patience and dedication from the whole family. At OneHowto we show you how to train your dog so you will know when the time is right to start training your faithful companion. We also have an article on the easiest breeds of dogs to train.


It is important to be aware that, due to their nature, Labradors do not usually tolerate mistreatment and shouting. To raise them without mistreating them, you need to have patience and have self-control. Using any sort of violence will only cause your pet to rebel, ignoring all your commands.


This animal is very greedy and always eats whenever they have the chance, so it is very important to control their portions of everything they eat because as they get older they will run a greater risk of obesity. Avoid giving them treats and human food, because you will be encouraging a habit that will become hard to control later in their life. At OneHowto we help you to know how much should you feed your labrador puppy.

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A 20-minute walk isn't enough for a Labrador. They are a very active breed and although they can live in an apartment, they need to run about freely, exercise and play games where they go after something. These will help you to keep them active but also to burn all the calories they eat and prevent it from turning into fat.


Labradors are a very affectionate dog breed that need a lot of attention and care from their owners. They're a pet that needs to live as part of the family, feel loved by everybody and does not adapt well to living alone. Therefore it is important that you include them in your daily routine and take them out for a run or out to the beach.

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How to look after a Labrador Retriever
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How to look after a Labrador Retriever

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