How to Look After a Cocker Spaniel

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Look After a Cocker Spaniel

This breed of dog is one of the most popular pet dogs in the world. Their medium size and obvious intelligence mean they will be adored by the whole family but this animal requires special care, so at OneHowto we show you all you need to know about their character and needs in our guide: how to look after a Cocker Spaniel.

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Steps to follow:

Did you know that the Cocker Spaniel is among the smartest dogs? It's a pretty adaptable dog and can live in any kind of space due to its size. It's also a very curious and vivacious dog that loves to feel like a part of the family, so it's not a good breed to keep alone in the yard but rather to have indoors, with its owners.


The Cocker is an intelligent dog that can be trained without any difficulty with perseverance and dedication. However, a habit that can take time to learn is to do its business in the correct place. It's important to always take your dog to the same place during the first training phase, this way it will learn that the chosen area is the correct place to go to the toilet and will repeat this pattern.

Take into account that this animal can be very sensitive towards severe discipline, so you shouldn't punish this breed with any violence or harshly if it does something wrong.


Although it is a small, adaptable pet that can live well in an apartment, the Cocker Spaniel also requires daily exercise as their hunting past makes it prone to this activity, which is why you should spend some time walking and playing with them every day.

Take your dog for a walk every day, not only to let it go to the toilet, but so it can play and walk, let it burn off calories, let it train and socialize with other animals and people.

How to Look After a Cocker Spaniel - Step 3

Their long beautiful hair is very eye-catching and that means it is worth giving their coat some special care. You should brush their hair daily or every other day, and aim to keep it free from dirt and mud, especially around their paws and ears, which is why it's advisable to bathe it once a month, but not more. A food idea is to feed it in a narrow bowl so that its ears don't get dirty with food, this way your dog will keep clean for longer.

Getting into the habit of brushing its hair frequently will also allow you to create a bond with your pet and get the chance to detect possible mites and get rid of those nasty knots. Remember there are specific brushes to comb them.

How to Look After a Cocker Spaniel - Step 4

A fundamental thing you should take into account to care for a Cocker Spaniel properly is to take care not to overdo it with the food or treats that you give it, as they are very prone to obesity if overfed. This dog is generally very greedy and won't turn down any food so watch how much you give them. Our article how much food should I feed my dog is a good guide on knowing how much food is appropriate.

How to Look After a Cocker Spaniel - Step 5

Like other long-eared dogs, it is important to keep them clean to prevent infection and problems, so make time once a week to check them and take care of them.


If you have children in your family, a Cocker is a great playmate for them. They love to run, play and find things, so they are guaranteed to have fun together. Don't forget this animal needs physical activity in order to be happy, so playing with it will create bonds and make your pet hapy.

How to Look After a Cocker Spaniel - Step 7

Take them to the vet twice a year for check-ups, to ensure that they are fit and healthy. You shouldn't forget to vaccinate your dog according to the specialist's indications to guarantee your pet's well-being.

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How to Look After a Cocker Spaniel
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How to Look After a Cocker Spaniel

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