How to know if my budgerigar is male or female

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to know if my budgerigar is male or female

Sociable and affectionate, budgerigars are among the most prized birds as pet. These birds come from Australia, but its as pets that they have spread almost everywhere thanks to their good nature and their attractive colours. If you just got a budgerigar and do not have much experience in the care of these animals, surely you have wondered how to know if it is male or female. In OneHowTo we help you discover its sex.

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The wax of the nostrils

The nostrils are the orifices for the budgerigar's breathing, these are at the top of the beak. They are coated with a wax that will be of one colour or another, depending on the sex of the animal.

Generally, the male budgerigars have this was coloured blue (as in the photo illustrating the article) and the females have it pinkish brown.

This, which is extremely simply, is complicated in three situations:

  • Young animals: Up to 3 or 4 months the wax does not acquire the definitive colour, but with a thorough exploration it can be seen that males have a more uniform colour than females.
  • Mites: There is a kind of scabies which is very common in budgerigars, where the wax covering the nostrils is covered by scabs. In that case it is necessary to initiate a treatment and, once the scabs fall off, you can see the real colour.
  • Not all male budgies have blue wax, although the vast majority do. In these cases it is recommended to follow the method of coelomic palpation explained below.

Complementary methods

One way to tell if a budgerigar is male or female is by its character, as females are rather more aggressive and suspicious and often show more resistance to being touched.

Another way to find out the sex of the budgerigar which is rather more complicated is through the palpation of the coelom. The coelom is a cavity that exists in the belly of the budgerigar which houses, among other things, the oviduct and eggs, if any.

In females, if we carefully palpate them on the ventral abdomen, and you should be able to detect a hollow spot in the inside, absent in males.

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How to know if my budgerigar is male or female
How to know if my budgerigar is male or female

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