How to Keep Cats Safe Indoors

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Keep Cats Safe Indoors

It is no secret that cats are naturally curious animals. Awake and intelligent, they are always hanging about the house and have an incredible ability to get into the tightest corners in search of what catches their eye, so it is important to take security measures to keep them safe within the home. At we offer you some tips so you can discover how to keep cats safe indoors.

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Steps to follow:

Never leave within your cats in reach of any electrical wires. These are often perfect for nibbling or playing with but can be the cause of a serious accident that could endanger the life of your pet. It is best to attach these to the wall or keep them hidden and out of reach.

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To keep your cats safe indoors, you should pay attention with packaging, bags and small plastic products could, in the midst of a game, suffocate the animal. It is never a good idea to leave things lying on the floor; we know that our cat is a curious creature and will investigate what these artifacts are, often placing itself in a situation of danger.

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Just as you would a small child, never leave closets open, especially when they contain things which could be dangerous for the animal such as appliances, cleaners, chemicals, etc. Always properly close your closets and cabinets.

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It is true that cats entertain themselves playing with anything, but not everything is a safe toy. Before giving the cat a daily household item to play with go to a pet shop and buy a special toy for cats, it will be non-toxic and safer.

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Never let your cat chew the plants in your garden or balcony, these can be toxic to the animal, risking its life. It is best to keep it away from these areas and teach it from a young age not to eat the plants.

Talking about gardens and balconies, when it comes to indoor cats they are pretty weary when it comes to going off. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry, so make sure that your cat is safe from falling off heights. If your cat is a bit of an escapee, we recommend you read our article on How to stop an indoor cat from escaping.

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If you have young children you should increase precautions, especially regarding small objects originating from toys that the cat could choke on. Always make sure that toys are not on the floor as this could pose a safety risk to your animal. Also teach your children to care for the cat and pay attention to its safety.

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How to Keep Cats Safe Indoors
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How to Keep Cats Safe Indoors

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