How To Keep A Dog Warm Outside

How To Keep A Dog Warm Outside

Do you know that some dog breeds feel as much cold during winters as humans do? Mild winter weather might be fine for a healthy dog, but if the weather is extremely cold and windy, then your beloved pet may quickly fall ill. So, it is suggested not to leave your dog outside in chilly weather. But if it still needs to stay out, this article will tell you how to keep a dog warm outside.

Buy warm clothes for them

To keep your dog warm outside, buy some warm sweaters and jackets for them to keep warm. If the weather is chilly, cute sweaters and jackets can keep them warm for sure. If your area is prone to snow, then it is wise to choose warm clothes for them with waterproof nylon covering. As dogs regulate their temperature primarily through their feet soles along with their tongue, their little booties can actually help them to keep warm.

Provide proper shelter for your dog

If your dog spends many hours outside, it is better to give it appropriate shelter there. This should be a dry dog-house, big enough for it to stand inside. Also make sure that it is not too big for the dog, as small cozy places can trap their body heat in a better way. If it’s a snow prone area, elevate the dog shelter a few inches to keep it protected from snow. If possible, try to install a heater inside. To make the dog house even cozier, equip it with all the things your dog requires. It should have wind a flap over the door, drinking water, non-porous bedding, blanket etc.

Give it a hot water bottle or a snuggle disk

If the weather outside is chilly, you can keep your dog warm by keeping a hot water bottle under its bedding. You may also give it a snuggle disk which is heated in a microwave oven and is designed to tap heat for several hours. To know if your dog needs more warmth take a look at this article on how to know if your dog is cold.

Take care of the bedding

As far as the bedding of your pet is concerned, it should be cozy, comfortable and warm. Equip your dog house with your pet’s favorite blanket. Make sure that the dog’s bedding is at least 3 inches above the floor level. Most of the cold enters the bedding through the floor only. So, use an aluminum frame, a light wood platform or a canvas to keep the bedding above the ground. Also check the bedding frequently to make sure it is not wet.

Feed it more food

Dogs need more food during winters to keep up the warmth and energy. Dogs require more calories to stay warm during winters. So, give it a little more food during chilly months, especially if it spends many hours outside. However, if your dog likes to stay inside, there is no need to over-feed it, as you will only make an over-weight dog. More food is justifiable only for dogs that spend several hours outside and remain very active during the winter months.

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