How to Get Rid of my Dog's Bad Breath

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Get Rid of my Dog's Bad Breath

Not caring for our dog's oral hygiene can trigger an excess of plaque and cause bad breath. Small breeds are the most likely to accumulate tartar on their teeth and develop smelly breath. Therefore, it is important to know cleaning techniques and some tricks to avoid your dog having bad breath. In addition to brushing teeth, there are some remedies that can help both prevent its emergence and fight it if the dog has it in its initial stage. If plaque is well developed you should take your dog to the veterinarian to perform a mouth cleaning. If you want to know how to tackle my dog's bad breath read this OneHowTo article and discover how.

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Steps to follow:

The first thing to keep in mind to avoid bad breath in your dog is that you must start to care for its dental hygiene from when it is a puppy. To do this, acquire a soft bristle brush designed for dogs and the right size for its breed, start brushing its teeth and gradually it will get used to it. Remember that it can not use the same toothpaste you use, you must purchase a special one for dogs.

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Feeding is another aspect that directly affects the creation of plaque. A wet diet favours food becoming embedded between teeth and tartar is generate faster, leading to bad breath. Therefore, it is bets you choose a dry food diet rich in nutrients to keep the dog's mouth healthy. Of course, hard water also affects this problem and you should give your dog filtered water.

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When it comes to food, a trick which is very effective both to combat and to prevent canine halitosis is to give some foods that help polish teeth and keep breath fresh. Surely you have noticed that when you take a walk with your dog in field areas it eat plants, the dog does this to clean its stomach and mouth. So, occasionally and in moderate amounts, give your dog some celery to remove plaque and clean its teeth and gums. Carrots are also a good option since they gnaw on them and this cleans their teeth.

For more natural ways to get rid of bad breath in dogs, check our article on home remedies for dogs' halitosis.


There are snacks which are especially designed to care for their teeth and gums and are also a very effective option to avoid bad breath. Do not hesitate to buy dental care sticks, bones fit for gnawing or even cookies, and give then to your dog from time to time. This way your dog will exercise its teeth while they are being cleaned and polished.

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Toys are another item that can not miss in your home if you want to avoid your dog having bad breath. As with snacks, toys act like a toothbrush removing plaque and food debris. But what toys? The ideal ones are those that are made of natural rubber or nylon, because they have a hard consistency which allows the dog to clean its teeth and massage the gums. Twisted ropes are also a good option.

It is good that you start to give you dog this type of toy from when it is a puppy. This is not only to improve its oral hygiene but also to prevent it from biting other things such as furniture or shoes.

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If your dog has already developed a remarkable amount of tartar you must go to the vet. He/she will have your dog's teeth cleaned and the tartar removed, which is the best way to end halitosis. And if you smell bad breath but there is no tartar it may have some gastrointestinal problems, renal failure, infection in the mouth or diabetes, among other diseases. Therefore, it is very important that you take it to the vet for analysis and determine where the canine halitosis comes from.

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Though giving your dog an apple wedge will not do your dog any harm and will give them a boost of vitamin K and C, to get rid of your dog's bad breath with natural remedies, celery and carrot are a better option.
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How to Get Rid of my Dog's Bad Breath
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How to Get Rid of my Dog's Bad Breath

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