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How to feed a young kitten

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to feed a young kitten

Kittens need protection and tenderness, but new owners always doubt what the best way to feed them is, as this will depend on whether the animal was weaned or not, so to dispel doubts on there are some suggestions about how to feed a kitten.

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Steps to follow:


If for some reason you find a small, or newborn cat, which has clearly not yet been weaned, you should know that you can only feed it milk. Specialists suggest to look for breast type milk at the vets, so that the animal can digest it, but in case of emergencies skimmed milk works fine.


Because the animal is very small and possibly the smallest bottle you find at the pet shop will be too big for it, it is best to feed it with a 3 cubic centimetre syringe, without the needle, fill with milk and slowly push the syringe down so the animal can drink until satisfied

How to feed a young kitten - Step 2

If the kitten is less than 15 days old it should eat every three hours, if it is between 15 days and one month, every 4 hours, if it is between one month and one month and a half, every 4-6 hours, by this point it can already drink milk in a bowl, older than 1 month and a half you can incorporate solid food mixed with milk or water to the diet like baby food.


If your cat is weaned you should feed it special food for kittens, containing all the benefits and nutrients it needs to grow, consult your veterinarian about the need to mix the food with a little water or milk. If your kitten won't eat, you can use some tips from the article what to do if my cat won't eat.


If you find a newborn cat in the street, not only will you have to feed it but you will also have to encourage it to defecate and urinate, because they cannot by themselves. Their mother is responsible for licking their genital area to produce the stimulus, in the absence thereof, soak a cotton ball with warm water and pass around their genitals and anus, if you do not your cat is in danger of dying.


For any concerns, consult a veterinarian.

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How to feed a young kitten