How To Clean A Birdcage

How To Clean A Birdcage

It's very important keep your bird cage clean to prevent birds from getting disease and maintaining optimum hygiene. You should clean out the bird's stool on a daily basis , and clean its water bottle feeding bowl and accessories several times a week. We recommend reading the following article to know exactly how to clean a birdcage properly.

Steps to follow:

First of all, make sure that your bird cage is large enough for your bird to move freely and fly without any difficulty.


For a quicker clean, we recommend placing newspaper at the bottom of the cage, or anything else that can be removed quickly and that will collect feces, feathers, or any other dirt.


Also, most cages have a removable tray that can be cleaned . Alternatively, you could remove the entire bottom of the cage (usually made of plastic) to clean it thoroughly.


To clean the bars of the cage, first move the bird into a different cage or safe place. We advise against using water directly on the metal bars, as this could cause rust or remove enamel paint. Instead, use a damp cloth.


The water and food bowls should also be removed and cleaned to avoid the build-up of dirt which could lead to diseases.


Birds toys (swings, mirrors, baths...) should also be cleaned regularly in order to keep them in perfect condition. It is very important to get rid on any remnants stuck on your bird's perches too so they don't accumulate.


When cleaning the cage and accessories, we recommend using soap and water or dish washing liquid, remembering to dry well to prevent any residues that might be toxic to birds.


To access the most difficult places, you can use a small brush (e.g. an old toothbrush) to scrub those hard-to-reach areas.


You could also use specific disinfectants, widely available in pet shops, to give your cage a thorough clean and to eliminate bacteria.


Once you have rinsed your cage with water, leave it to dry, place some newspaper at the bottom of the cage to make it easier in the future for you to clean, and place your bird back into its cage!

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  • Make sure you change the bird's water and food every two days maximum in order to avoid infection.
  • Clean the cage thoroughly every week or 10 days.
  • It's also advisable to change the toys your bird has in its cage so it doesn't get bored from the same old tricks. Take advantage and change them when you clean its cage.