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How to Care for a Schnauzer

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Care for a Schnauzer

Knowing how to care for a Schnauzer is very important if you are thinking of getting one. The schnauzer is one of the most popular breeds in the world, its lovely appearance and variety of sizes make it the perfect pet for both for living in a house and a flat. But this dog breed, like any other, requires special care, so if you are thinking of adding it to your family, this OneHowTo.com article will show you how to care for a schnauzer.

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Steps to follow:


The schnauzer is a versatile breed that comes in different sizes: you can find small ones, perfect for flats, average sized ones can also be suitable for flats, while giant ones will feel much more comfortable in a spacious environment with a garden, as they need a lot more activity than smaller specimens. So, the first thing to consider when you are learning how to care for a schnauzer is its size, and the place where it will be living.

How to Care for a Schnauzer - Step 1

Schnauzers are long-living animals, with proper care they can live up to 15 years on average, so it is important that you provide your schnauzer all the care it needs to live a long, healthy and happy life.

How to Care for a Schnauzer - Step 2

Schnauzer dogs are very active and playful, they are child friendly, but can also become dominant and spiteful. So they need a master who can control them and give them affection so they do not feel sad or ignored, which could lead them to adopt a negative attitude. Starting to train the dog from the sixth week is very important for an effective control of their personality and to properly care for a schnauzer.

In addition, OneHowTo.com will help you with some tips on how to train your puppy and thus strengthen the bonds of friendship between you and your pet.

How to Care for a Schnauzer - Step 3

The schnauzer is a great guard dog it has a tendency to always be aware of what is happening in its environment. The small variety is good at noticing that something is wrong, the bigger ones are great as guard dogs, and medium sized ones can perform both functions.


One important aspect of how to care for a schnauzer is the hair. Their hair is quite characteristic and requires washing once a month with a special shampoo as they tend to suffer from skin allergies. It is also important to brush its hair once a week so it looks nicer and shinier.

On OneHowTo.com we show you some tips on how to make your dog's hair shine and how to remove dog hair from clothes and fabric.


As with any other breed, feeding must be adapted to the developmental stage of your pet, you must always balance food intake with exercise to keep your dog healthy.

We give you some tips as to how much to feed your dog on OneHowTo.com. It is also important that you know the foods that are poisonous to dogs such as chocolate, onions or garlic. Remember that providing your dog with a balanced diet through special food is the most important thing, as giving your dog home food could mean that it does not receive the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Nutrition is also a very important aspect of caring for a schnauzer.

How to Care for a Schnauzer - Step 6

Whether you have a small or large breed, know that this dog has an active nature and therefore requires daily exercise. Walking, playing or interacting with other animals in a dog park is necessary to guarantee their welfare and health.

How to Care for a Schnauzer - Step 7

The schnauzer can be slightly jealous and territorial, so in many cases it will not feel comfortable in the presence of other animals, so socialization is an important part of learning how to care for a schnauzer. It is very important that they socialize with other dogs and different species from a young age, so that they get used to it and will be less territorial and jealous. This OneHowTo.com article shows you how to introduce two dogs.

How to Care for a Schnauzer - Step 8

Like any dog, your schnauzer needs attention, care and exercise to grow healthy and strong. Therefore, if you spend time and attention on your pet and know how to care for a schanuzer, you will see it become a great companion for many years.

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  • These animals are good companions but can feel very concerned if you do not pay them any attention, so avoid ignore them.
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How to Care for a Schnauzer