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How to Brush my Dog's Hair

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Brush my Dog's Hair

You need to brush your pet to give it the care it deserves. This task may seem daunting, especially if you have a long-haired dog, but it will greatly benefit you and the animal because it will help keep its fur cleaner and your home less hairy. Do you want to do this but don't know where to start? At we provide all the help you need to know how to brush your dog's hair easily.

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Steps to follow:


The first thing to be aware of is that routinely brushing your dog's hair will decrease the amount of hair in your home, which in turn greatly helps with cleaning. So although this ritual takes some time, it will help keep your home in better shape.

How to Brush my Dog's Hair - Step 1

The ideal is to get your dog used to being brushed when it's a puppy, so as it grows, the animal is much stiller and calmer during brushing. If you brush your dog correctly, it is a kind of massage for your pet, so they will start to enjoy it after the first few experiences during which it will feel uneasy.

It is important to be persistent with this task until the dog gets used to it. If your dog is small, you can sit it on your lap and hold it gently but firmly so that it does not run away. For large dogs, sit on a chair or on a stool at a height that allows you to comb the top part of the animal, and then sit on the floor and finish the rest.


Frequent brushing not only reduces hair-loss, but also allows you to give affection to your dog, untangle knots and check the skin of your pet to make sure it is healthy and there are no fleas. If you do this often, it significantly reduces odour in your pet's fur, and washings will last longer.

How to Brush my Dog's Hair - Step 3

If your pet has short hair, brushing once a week is sufficient, while long-haired dogs should be brushed every two days. During the spring and autumn, dogs usually shed their fur, so brushing should be more frequent during these times to reduce the presence of hair at home.


Use brushes with natural bristles from a special pet shop, you will find them for long and short hair, so choose whichever is right for your dog. You can also find brushes shaped like gloves that come in handy for short-haired breeds.

How to Brush my Dog's Hair - Step 5

To brush your dog's hair, always follow the direction of hair growth, starting with the head, back, sides and legs, then brush the tail last. Remember to brush your dog softly and gently to carefully untangle the knots, and try to do this all quickly so that your dog not panic. At the end, give it a treat or another reward for behaving well.


And if you care to maximize the quality your pet's coat beyond brushing, we also suggest that you follow these tips. Learn:

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How to Brush my Dog's Hair