Home Treatments for Dog Conjunctivitis

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
Home Treatments for Dog Conjunctivitis

Curing canine conjunctivitis is a simple task that requires medical treatment and dedication. In general, vets prescribe antibiotic eye drops to get rid of this ocular infection. However, this is not the only care your dog requires, as you must clean its affected eye regularly and with the adequate treatment. To do so, there are physiological saline solutions that must also be prescribed by a vet. If you want to accelerate the curing process and enhance the pharmaceutical treatment with natural remedies, keep on reading this article and discover the most effective home treatments for dog conjunctivitis.

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Steps to follow:

It's important to remark that you mustn't stop using the prescribed eye drops the vet gave or the physiological saline solution for ocular cleansing. Home remedies must always be an enhancer to cure the pathology, not the only solution. Moreover, if your dog has recently presented the first symptoms, do not hesitate to visit a vet, as the cause will determine what kind of treatment it needs.


To avoid your dog scratching its wounded eye, you must get an Elizabethan collar, more popularly known as bell. One of the most efficient natural remedies for your dog's eye cleansing is black tea. You must clean the affected eye three times a day with this remedy. It's important to do so using a clean bandage, with smooth movements and without scrubbing, simply slide the bandage in the same direction until its eye is completely clean.

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Apart from black tea, there are other very beneficial infusions that can cure canine conjunctivitis. The most effective are calamine and horsetail. Remember that there are some toxic plants for dogs, so not all plants will be good. If you like, you can alternate all three kinds of infusion and clean its eye once with each. The procedure is the same, use a clean bandage and don't scrub the wounded eye.

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A very effective home treatment for dog conjunctivitis and to reduce redness provoked by canine conjunctivitis is to alternate warm and cold compresses. The cold compresses allow the redness in the affected eye to diminish at the same time that it also diminishes inflammation, whilst heat is good to relieve irritation. You must leave the compresses on its eye for five minutes so it's effective.


Of course, a quality healthy diet, with the necessary proteins and nutrients, will help conjunctivitis disappear much quicker. At the same time, keeping an adequate diet will also prevent the illness, even more so if your dog is prone to suffering this kind of disease. Remember it's important the dog doesn't scratch its eyes, don't put any toxic products on your dog such as solvents or gases, which would make its state worse. Before using any home remedy, please ask your vet, as your dog may be alergic to some of them.

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Home Treatments for Dog Conjunctivitis
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Home Treatments for Dog Conjunctivitis

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