Home remedies to remove fleas on my cat

Home remedies to remove fleas on my cat
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Fleas are the most common external parasites in both dogs and cats. In general, we often associate it more with felines. However, as they have the best memory and ability to recognize their way back home, more so than their doggy companions, it is not surprising that we give cats the freedom to go out, a fact which raises the odds of being attacked by fleas. If this is the case and you want to complement veterinary treatment with natural remedies, read this OneHowTo article and discover home remedies to remove fleas from your cat.

Steps to follow:

The first thing to do to proceed to eliminate fleas from your cat is to bathe it. As cats have a more sensitive skin than dogs, you must be careful with the products you use. It is best to purchase a special anti-parasitic shampoo for cats. You will also need lavender oil or citronella (or both). In a small cup, put the same amount of shampoo and oil, mix the ingredients and bathe your cat with this. Do not use eucalyptus oil, as it is poisonous to cats. If the cat is less than a year old, do not use oils.

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While bathing it you will see that many of the fleas fall out, but not all of them. When finished, dry it well and brush its coat with a flea comb. Such combs are similar to those that we used to get rid of lice, have metal tines with hardly any space between them, just enough to scoop up the lice while the fur passes through.


After the bath, if desired, another very effective natural remedy is water flavoured with orange or lemon. You can add the peel of one of these citrus fruits to a pot with water, boil for a few seconds, and remove from heat and let stand one hour. Then, strain it and introduce the mixture into a spray bottle to spray your cat with the homemade solution. You should be very careful because cats do not like this kind of odour. This remedy can also be used to remove fleas from the home.


Another very effective home remedy for cat with fleas is the beer yeast. Thanks to its composition, rich in vitamin B1, it quickly dispels this type of parasites and therefore is ideal for both cats and dogs. Add a tablespoon of this product to its wet food, mix and give to your cat to eat. Do it every day until they disappear completely. Check with your vet to make sure your cat is not allergic.

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Tea Tree Oil is one of the most effective home remedies for removing fleas from your cat. You can add it to their shampoo and bathe them with this mixture, as in step 1, or sprinkling it on your feline and massage its entire body to ward off fleas. If you opt for the massage, you should do it once every four weeks to eliminate and prevent the occurrence of these parasites.

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Finally, chamomile is another natural product that acts as a repellent for fleas. What's more, if your cat is less than a year old you can use it without problem. Check first with your veterinarian. So, prepare an infusion of natural chamomile, dampen clean cotton wool or a cloth and apply it very lightly over the skin of your cat.

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Test all these home remedies and get rid of fleas from your cat. Remember it is not recommended to stop using the treatment prescribed by your veterinarian. You can always check with your vet if they think it's necessary or not to reduce the use of chemicals and replace them with natural products.

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