Home Remedies For My Dog's Cough

Home Remedies For My Dog's Cough

A dog's cough is a condition that, in most cases, is presented as a symptom of respiratory infections, heart problems or a simple cold. In any case, it is always advisable to visit a vet to identify the cause of the cough and start the most appropriate treatment. Once medical treatment has been started, you have the possibility to supplement it with natural remedies. Keep reading this OneHowTo.com article and find out some home remedies for your dog's cough.

Steps to follow:

The first thing to do if you have not gone to the vet is to try and identify the cause of your dog's cough. Knowing the origin of cough not only lets you start a certain treatment but also helps you identify if your dog is suffering from a serious disease or not. Remember that the cough may be a symptom of a cold or of anomalies in the respiratory system or could be a sign of heart problems.


Until your dog's cough has completely disappeared, limit physical activity. Too much exercise can aggravate respiratory problems and lead to an increased cough. So, try not to overexert your dog. But don't completely eliminate exercise, as a lack of activity can cause your dog to become stressed or anxious. You should allow your dog to rest and maintain the lowest possible level of physical activity.

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One of the most popular home remedies for dog's cough, also proposed by veterinarians, is medlar juice. Remember that a number of foods which are poisonous to dogs exist, including avocado, so you can't just try any juice. You should try to get your dog to drink a glass of this juice, as it is high in vitamin A, which will strengthen its immune system and favour the mucous membranes, which are now damaged, of its respiratory track. If it does not like the taste, take a plastic syringe, which come with children's medicine, and feed the juice to your dog little by little. Do not force your dog to drink the juice as this may result in vomiting.

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Furthermore, numerous studies have shown that vitamin C also strengthens the immune system of dogs. Thus, another homemade cough remedy for your dog is supplements of this vitamin. You must administer 100mg a day if a small breed, 250mg if medium or 500mg if it is large or giant. Do not provide more than the specified amounts as this can cause diarrhoea. Similarly, leafy green vegetables are an excellent source of vitamin C, supplement your dog's diet with a reduced amount of vegetables. But, first consult with your veterinarian.


As with humans, steam also significantly suppress coughing in dogs. There are several herbs that can help as a home remedy, including Echinacea and Eucalyptus. Thanks to their expectorant and antitussive properties, they favour the airways and suppress your dog's coughing. So, put water on to boil and add a few leaves of these plants. When your dog is sleeping, put a freshly made mix in a bowl and cover your dog's head with a towel, as you would do yourself, so that it can breathe in the steam.


Finally, one of the most effective home remedies for your dog's cough home remedies is coconut oil, as it strengthens the immune system, promotes energy and vitality and helps treat heart disease. What's more is that you could make it yourself!

Simply mix two tablespoons of coconut oil with water in a bowl and let drink its water as usual.

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Similarly, cinnamon is another ideal supplement to treat coughs. To give cinnamon to your dog, boil a cinnamon stick with water for about 10 minutes, then let the water cool. Once the water is cooled off, give it to your dog to drink. Don't give cinnamon to your dog in powder form as he may choke on it.


Remember it is advisable to consult your veterinarian before giving your dog any of these cough home remedies. Also, do not stop giving your dog professional treatment, as the remedies above are meant to complement veterinary treatment.

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