Can I Give my Dog Chips?

By Alice T Breeze. Updated: January 20, 2017
Can I Give my Dog Chips?

As a common snack for humans, it's pretty common to have potato chips or crisps hanging around at home. It's also a pretty big temptation to give this delicious snack to your dog, especially if it's the begging type. Though it is not on the list of toxic foods for dogs, there are some things you should take into account before giving your dog chips.

If you are from England and are referring to what is known as 'French Fries' in American English, you should know that there are also reasonable doubts on whether you should feed this food to your dogs, as we humans have a pretty different digestive system from those of dogs.

No matter what you're referring to, at OneHowTo we want to let you know if you can give a dog chips.

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Are chips bad for dogs?

As we have mentioned, your dog will not be intoxicated or have indigestion if you give it some chips. The most important thing to take into account is that they will probably crave for more, just like we do.

It may be worse if the chips are actually flavored, as the ingredients added to these processed potatoes increases, as do the chances of them having an ingredient that could harm your dog's digestive system.

Moreover, if your dog has managed to get through a whole bag of chips, you may find that the dog has diarrhea the next day.

Can I Give my Dog Chips? - Are chips bad for dogs?

Can I give my dog chips?

Can you? Yes. Is it ideal? No.

We previously pointed out that the delicious taste of chips is as delightful for them as it is to us. Therefore, apart from the fact that eating a great amount may harm your dog, and even though if you give one or two chips as a treat this will not harm your dog, it may get used to it and crave for more whenever you have chips hanging around.

There are plenty of alternatives to treats you can give your dog instead of chips, which are a healthier alternative. For example, there are vegetables that are good for dogs, or you can make special treats out of different ingredients such as oatmeal.

What about French Fries?

They are just empty calories for your dog. The amount of oils and salt that chips or French Fries have will make your dog have serious weight problems if you get it into the habit of eating them as a treat. It's even more important to avoid your dog from snatching any from the floor as it could get used to it.

Can I Give my Dog Chips? - What about French Fries?

What to do if a dog eats chips

Make sure your dog's bowl is full of water, as the amount of sodium found in this food will get your dog pretty thirsty. However, you should not be concerned any further about it eating chips, though it can cause dehydration if it has eaten a big amount, so make sure it can drink as much as possible. Make sure you give it the appropriate food if you notice it has diarrhea.

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Can I Give my Dog Chips? - What to do if a dog eats chips

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