6 Tips for House Training a Cat

By Max. D Gray. Updated: May 10, 2017
6 Tips for House Training a Cat

Do you have a cat? It is important to teach your cat some basic rules of conduct that will help make your coexistence much more peaceful. Although many people believe that cats are animals that cannot be trained, the truth is that they can actually acquire some specific habits such as, for example, using the sandbox for their toilet needs or not scratching the furniture. Do you want to know how to train your kitty? Then read this OneHowTo article in which we give you 6 tips for house training a cat.

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Positive rewards

If you want to start with the task of house training a cat, the first thing you should know is that the animal will remember the order or command if you give them rewards when they behave correctly. Animals do not have a concept of good and evil but they understand that if, after an action, you give them a treat, that action is positive, so they begin to do it through sheer repetition.

So whatever it is you want to teach your cat, it is important that you have prepared a special award that your cat will earn if they behave well. Over time, you will no longer need to reward your cat as it will be established as natural behavior.

6 Tips for House Training a Cat - Positive rewards

Sounds to train a cat

In addition to using the method of rewards, another tip that will help your cat is accompanying every order with a particular sound, for example, a clicker or a simple bell.

Note that the animal will be scared of the noise and, therefore, the cat will rectify its acts and, when the animals obeys you, you have to give them a reward. This way, the animal does not suffer stress every time they hear this sound and so, little by little, they go about understanding what it is you're asking of them.

6 Tips for House Training a Cat - Sounds to train a cat

Say the cat's name

Repeating patterns of behavior when you are trying to train a cat is also very positive for the animal to understand what it is that you're asking. Note that repeating the animal's first name is very positive because it will recognize what its name is. So they get to know when you are talking to them and they will pay full attention.

In this sense, the best way is to repeat its name so it understands that's the name you share with your pet: when you caress, when you play with it, when you hug it, and so on.

6 Tips for House Training a Cat - Say the cat's name

No distractions

If, for example, you want teach your cat not to scratch furniture it is important that when you want to start to impart this order on the cat, there cannot be any distractions. It is important that the cat feels that you are fully aware of it and that you are addressing it. If you leave the TV on or the radio on then the animal hears the other voices and other stimuli and may lose focus.

6 Tips for House Training a Cat - No distractions

Repeat patterns

We have said that it is important that you repeat the same steps when trying to train your cat. Therefore it is important that the sound you use to impart knowledge is always the same and that the reward is always the same and that your voice is the same.

Thus, the animal will revive a situation that it had previously experienced and, therefore, the learning is much faster. It is also important that if you normally use a firm "No" to give an order. Always use that word to understand the sign.

6 Tips for House Training a Cat - Repeat patterns

Sessions of 10 to 15 minutes

To train the animal, it is important to make the sessions last just 15 minutes so they understand the concept. Do not try to stay longer because the animal will get tired and they will not co-operate. It is important that the session is not too long. Try to instill the idea but it will have to be consistent and, as we said, through repeating patterns. Only then you will end up with the cat getting the message.

On OneHowTo we give you advice on how to train a cat and you can teach them concepts like using the sandbox, coming to your call or that they cannot eat the plants.

6 Tips for House Training a Cat -

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6 Tips for House Training a Cat
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6 Tips for House Training a Cat

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